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The Avian Influenza Continuity Kit
This superb kit contains all the items described on this website, and can be downloaded directly to your PC on purchase from our secure server.
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Bird Flu / Avian Influenza Policies

A comprehensive set of policies to address the avian influenza scenario is viewed by many as an essential matter of due diligence. The Avian Influenza Continuity Kit contains such a set, provided in MS-Word format to enable tailoring to your specific needs

The following extracts are samples taken directly from this part of the kit:

Bird Flu Policies

Avian Influezna Policies

Avian Flu Policy Manual

Bird Flu Policy

Avian Influezna

Avian Influezna Policies

Obtaining The Avian Influenza Continuity Kit
This excellent response kit can be purchased online and downloaded directly to your own PC for just $199. To download your copy simply visit our secure payment page.


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