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The Avian Influenza Continuity Kit
This superb kit contains all the items described on this website, and can be downloaded directly to your PC on purchase from our secure server.
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Avian Influenza (commonly known as 'Bird Flu'), like any potential deadly pandemic, is a serious threat. Whilst the potential human consequences are understandably well documented, the possible business impact is not so well known.

Without planning and preparation, few businesses could survive a serious avian influenza pandemic without major, possibly critical, impact upon their operations. The scale of enforced absenteeism could be unparalleled. This is not just due to the absence of those afflicted, but also of those caring for their afflicted relatives and friends.

Planning for this sort of scenario is not alarmist or panic, it is surely a matter of due diligence. It is of course a complex project, but fortunately, a comprehensive resource is now available to assist, and to shortcut many of the requisite tasks.

The Avian Influenza Continuity Kit
The Avian Flu Continuity Kit has been purposely built to assist all type of organization to plan a rational response to a serious pandemic. It takes a phased, step by step approach to creating a continuity response, providing a wealth of information, and dozens of support forms in the process. The contents include:

  • Continuity Kit Orientation - an overview of the kit and how to use it
  • Avian Influenza Overview - A detailed presentation providing the background on bird flu itself. Also included (intended for staff) is a short paper 'Protecting and Planning for the Home in the case of Avian Flu', created from sources including US Homeland Security, CDC and the WHO.
  • A detailed and comprehensive policy manual
  • A range of forms, workbooks and presentations to help you create a detailed Continuity and Response Manual. This is intended to be a core part of the organizations due diligence reaction to any outbreak, and includes the following phases:
    Business Continuity Management Structure
    Business Continuity Planning
    Business Impact Analysis
    Incident Response
    Disaster Recovery
    Employee Training
    Plan Testing and Improvement
    Implementation Task Management

    The deliverable from these carefully defined and documented phases will be a functional focused manual for use in managing your own specific response.

The Bird Flu Continuity Project
The Avian Influenza Continuity Kit has been created from a project perspective - designed to take you through the various aspects of creating the response manual/plan using a combination of presentations, workbooks and forms. Attention to detail is extremely important, and the kit takes full cognizance of this fact.

How to use the kit, however, is a matter of individual choice. Whilst the phase by phase method is recommended, it is not mandatory. Organizations can simply select the resources within and use them however they wish. Each document adds value as a stand alone item.

Obtaining The Avian Influenza Continuity Kit
This excellent response kit can be purchased online and downloaded directly to your own PC for just $199. To download your copy simply visit our secure payment page.


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